About Us


In our young years , we three boys got to spend every Saturday possible out at the old family homestead, a place built in the 1840’s out in Phelps County. With our father in command, we’d raise feeder pigs and cattle, for certain. But we also raised walnut trees out at the farm. Every year we’d work our way through the groves, timming off the bottom limbs to encourage taller, straighter growth. The years went by and distractions mounted. Our time out at the old farm dwindled. But we remember it like yesterday. The lessons are indelible; like something out of yesterday. The very first lesson? A walnut tree must never be cut before its time. Our father understood this deeply, and shared why: Back during his Depression-era childhood, financially strapped, the family took down walnut trees, one by one, to pay their taxes. But the trees were there, and the property was not lost. This is the strength they represent and the reason we call ourselves The Walnut Group. We are a band of brothers, strong and sound and enduring.